Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wellspring Baptist Fellowship a Southern Baptist Church? Yes, Wellspring Baptist Fellowship is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and the Missouri Baptist Convention. A percentage of all undesignated offerings are contributed to the cooperative program of the Missouri Baptist Convention. As with any other Southern Baptist church, Wellspring is an independent, autonomous body of believers which seeks to work cooperatively with other individuals and churches of like faith and practice.

What is the organizational structure of Wellspring Baptist Fellowship?The chief shepherd of the congregation is the Lord Jesus Christ. Under the authority of Christ, elders exercise spiritual leadership through the preaching of the Word, and administering the day-to-day business of the church. The elders are accountable to God, to the people of the fellowship, and to one another.

What is the financial policy of Wellspring Baptist Fellowship? The ministry of the church is supported entirely by tithes and offerings of members and other interested friends. Members are encouraged to develop a life-style of financial freedom and to give generously to the Lord. Offering plates are not passed at Wellspring, but contributions may be placed in the boxes next to the entrances of the worship hall. None of the elders receive any compensation and the church has a policy of open disclosure of all financial transactions. The elders will provide copies of the monthly financial statements upon request.

How is Wellspring involved in missions? Wellspring supports world missions through the Cooperative Program of the SBC as well as through the Lottie Moon Foreign Missions offering. Additionally, Wellspring supports a number of independent missionaries. The focal point for the local mission thrust of Wellspring is through small group ministries. Members also work with ministries in hospital and jail visitation, as well as a food distribution program for the needy. Wellspring participates with other churches in the local community in the annual “Share your Christmas” program. Traditionally, Wellspring has given about 60% of all undesignated offerings to missions.

What is the membership policy of Wellspring Baptist Fellowship? We believe that all those who are born again by the Holy Spirit are automatically members of the holy body of Christ, that is the church universal. The church universal is manifested when believers meet together in local communities of which Wellspring Fellowship is one among many. Wellspring offers two categories of memberships. First, those who wish to identify Wellspring as their home congregation for worship, ministering, giving and fellowship should make it known to one of the elders verbally, or if they so desire, to come forward during a worship service. Second, those who for one reason or another, may wish to identify with Wellspring while they are a temporary resident of Bolivar, should ask for membership under the Watchcare Ministry.

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