2020 Podcasts

08/02/20 For You Have Died.
08/02/20 Are You, You?.
07/26/20 Godly Wisdom.
07/19/20 Who Are You.
07/12/20 The Anatomy of False Teaching.
07/05/20 Faithful Teachers.
06/28/20 Complete In Him.
06/21/20 Your Debts Are Paid.
06/14/20 Christ Is Sufficient.
06/07/20 Completeness.
05/31/20 Walking In Christ.
05/24/20 Follow the Light Unto Your Path.
05/17/20 The Body of Christ.
05/10/20 Plausible Arguments.
05/03/20 God’s Energy.
04/26/20 Christ’s Wisdom For Those Mature In Him.
04/19/20 Christ In You The Hope Of Glory.
04/12/20 The Most Important Week In History.
04/05/20 Suffering a Part of Life.
03/29/20 Call To Continue In Faith.
03/22/20 Presented Holy Before Him.
03/15/20 Reconciled Fellowship II.
02/23/20 03/01/20
03/08/20 Reconciled Fellowship.
02/23/20 03/01/20 You Have Been Reconciled.
02/23/20 Hall of Faith.
02/16/20 What Do You Have To Do.
02/09/20 In the Beginning There Were Three.
02/02/20 The Model of the Church.
01/19/20 01/26/20 Three In One And One In Three.
01/19/20 Qualifications of Sainthood.
01/12/20 The Principal Economics of Giving.
01/05/20 Be Joyful Rather Than Happy.

2019 Podcasts

12/29/19 The Necessary Power of God.
12/22/19 Deeds Do Not Cause Deliverance.
12/15/19 The Love of Pruning.
12/08/19 Being Content In His Ways.
11/24/19 Thanksgiving for God.
11/17/19 Walk 1300 Miles.
11/10/19 The Beginning of the Final Walk.
11/03/19 What’s To Come.
10/27/19 Revelation Review.
10/20/19 Amen.
10/13/19 Recompense.
10/06/19 Treasures of Heaven.
09/29/19 Water of Life.
09/22/19 Heaven Unimagined.
09/15/19 Heavenly Measurements.
09/08/19 New Jerusalem.
09/01/19 Will We.
08/25/19 The Great White Thrown.
08/18/19 Thousand Years and The Lake of Fire.
08/12/19 The Thousand Years.
08/04/19 The Final Supper.
07/28/19 The White Riders.
07/21/19 The Marriage.
07/14/19 Hearing Heaven.
07/07/19 The Fall of Babylon.
06/30/19 The Ten Kings.
06/23/19 The Great Prostitute.
06/16/19 The Final Two Bowls.
06/09/19 First Five Bowls.
06/02/19 Preparing for the Seven Bowls.
05/26/19 The Courier Angels.
05/19/19 Revelation Sermon.
05/12/19 The 144,000.
05/05/19 The Second Beast Rises.
04/21/19 Resurrection Sermon.
The First Beast Rises.
04/07/19 Satan is Thrown Down.
03/31/19 The Second War.
03/24/19 The First War.
03/17/19 The Seventh Trumpet.
03/10/19 The Temple and the Two Witnesses (II).
03/04/19 The Temple and the Two Witnesses (Part I).
02/24/19 The Trumpet Judgements (Part IV).
02/17/19 The Trumpet Judgements (Part III).
02/10/19 The Trumpet Judgements (Part II).
02/03/19 The First Trumpets Are Blown (Trumpet I).
01/27/19 The Final Seal (V).
01/20/19 The Rapture (IV).
01/13/19 Finishing The Seals (III).
01/06/19 Four Horsemen and Five Seals (II).

2018 Podcasts

12/30/18 The Lamb Opens The Seal (I).
12/23/18 Christmas Story.
12/16/18 The Heavenly Host.
12/09/18 Picturing God.
11/18/18 Church Of Philadelphia.
11/11/18 Church of Sardis.
11/04/18 The Church Of Thyatira.
10/28/18 Church Of Pergamum And The White Stones.
10/21/18 The Churches of Christ
10/14/18 The Description of Jesus
10/07/18 John’s Situation
09/30/18 The Things That Must Soon Take Place
09/23/18 The Prologue of Revalation
09/16/18 The Equipment of God
09/09/18 How Does Being Sober Minded Effect Us?
09/02/18 Practice of satan
08/26/18 The Preparation Against satan
08/19/18 Worry and Fear II
08/12/18 Worry and Fear I
08/05/18 God Hates It – Do You Have It?
07/29/18 Life in the Body of Christ III
07/22/18 Life in the Body of Christ II
07/15/18 Life in the Body of Christ I
07/08/18 Exhorting the Elders II
07/01/18 Exhorting the Elders I
06/24/18 The Contrast That Matters
06/17/18 The Coming Fiery Trials III
06/10/18 The Coming Fiery Trials II
06/03/18 The Coming Fiery Trials
05/27/18 To Whom Much Has Been Given, Much Is Required
05/20/18 Is it Ok for a Christian to…?
05/13/18 Living In The Spirit The Way God Does V-II
05/06/18 Living In The Spirit The Way God Does V
04/29/18 Living In The Spirit The Way God Does IV
04/22/18 Living In The Spirit The Way God Does III
04/15/18 Living in the Spirit the Way God Does II
04/08/18 Living in the Spirit the Way God Does
04/01/18 The Most Important Week In History
03/25/18 Those Who Are Not Ceasing From Sin
03/18/18 The Practice of Ceasing from Sin
03/11/18 Ceasing to Sin
03/04/18 Jesus Journey And Work
02/25/18 Baptism
02/18/18 Proclaiming To The Spirits
02/11/18 Where Did Jesus Go
02/04/18 What Died And Lived
01/28/18 Christ Suffered
01/21/18 Blessings of the Righteous
01/14/18 Sanctification of Suffering
01/07/18 Yes, You Will Suffer

2017 Podcasts

12/31/17 Living In the Blessing of Johovah
12/24/17 The Blessing of Christ
12/17/17 Having The Mind of Christ
12/10/17 Believers Living As Husbands And Wives
12/03/17 Charge To Believing Wives
11/26/17 Seek First His Kingdom
11/19/17 God’s Love
11/12/17 Obedience Always Comes Before Understanding
11/05/17 Healing Part 2
10/29/17 Healing Part 1
10/22/17 The Life of A Servant
10/15/17 Yes That is What The Word Says (Part 2)
10/08/17 Yes That is What The Word Says
10/01/17 Anticipate Their Day of Visitation
09/24/17 A Waging War
09/17/17 A Battle is Raging
09/10/17 A Holy Life (Yohn)
09/03/17 What Is Your Focus? (Banner)
08/27/17 Special People for a Special Purpose (Part 2)
08/20/17 Special People (Part 1)
08/13/17 Salvation is Absolute (2)
08/6/17 Salvation is Absolute
07/30/17 The Only Foundation Worth Building Your Life On
07/23/17 Consigned To the Living Stone
07/09/17 Consuming The Milk
07/02/17 Cleaning The House
06/25/17 Glorification
06/18/17 The Priority of All Time God’s Marvelous Salvation VII
06/11/17 The Priority of All Time God’s Marvelous Salvation VI
06/04/17 The Priority of All Time – God’s Marvelous Salvation
05/28/17 Don’t Try To Eat A Big Mac In One Bite
05/21/17 Sanctification
05/14/17 Practice of Salvation
05/7/17 The Priority of All Time
04/30/17 The Phenomenon of Salvation
04/23/17 The Result of Not Seeing Jesus
04/16/17 The Grave Is Empty
04/09/17 The Most Important Day In History
04/02/17 The Physiology of Rejoicing and Trials
03/19/17 The Sprinkling of His Blood
03/12/17 What are You Here For?
03/04/17 The_Work_of_Salvation.mp3
02/26/17 The Forknowledge of God
02/19/17 What Group are You In?
02/12/17 The Context of Discord
02/05/17 Follow me
01/29/17 One Command is Stated
01/22/17 Do You Love Me More Than These?
01/15/17 Come and Dine
01/08/17 Responding To Jesus as Lord
01/01/17 Survival Kit 2017
12/18/16 I Am Going Fishing Continued
12/11/16 I Am Going Fishing
11/20/16 The Meaning of Thanksgiving
11/13/16 Do You Believe or Doubt Jesus?
11/06/16 The Final Question, v.23
10/30/16 What is v.22 All About
10/23/16 By The Way I Have a Question
10/16/16 He is Not Here He is Risen
10/09/16 I am not Ashamed of Jesus Christ
10/02/16 The Greatest Event Ever
09/25/16 Wanting To Counts For Nothing
09/18/16 Living the Compromised Life
09/11/16 Jesus Proclamation
09/04/16 My Kingdom Is Not of This World
08/28/16 The Plan to Kill Jesus
08/21/16 Denying Jesus Part 3
8/14/16 Denying Jesus Part 2
8/07/16 Denying Jesus
7/31/16 Soldiers and Officers
7/10/16 Responding To Jesus
7/3/16 Obey and Submit
6/26/16 The Road to Calvary Passes Through The Garden of Gethsemane
6/19/16 It is Time for The Amen
6/12/16 Living with Jesus in His Father’s House
6/05/16 Living in the Glory of Jehovah – Part 2
5/29/16 Living in the Glory of Jehovah – The Reality of Glory
5/22/16 Seed and Soils
5/15/16 Priority of Unity in the Church
5/08/16 That They May Be One
5/01/16 Set Aside and Sent Into the World
4/24/16 Preparations Before Leaving
4/17/16 God is in Charge
4/10/16 Security of the Believer
4/03/16 The Authority of the Words
3/27/16 The Most Important Week In History
3/20/16 Truth-What God Says and What God Sees
3/13/16 The Lord’s Prayer
3/6/16 Spiritual Maturity and Spiritual Reality
2/21/16 Preparation for Tomorrow
2/14/16 Hatred Experienced
2/7/16 Does the World Hate You
1/31/16 The Commandment from a Friend
1/24/16 The Fullness of Joy
1/10/16 The Vineyard of God-The Proposal
1/3/16 The Vineyard of God(list)
1/3/16 The Vineyard of God-The Product

2015 Podcasts

12/27/15 If God Would Reveal Himself
12/20/15 The Vineyard of God-The Process
12/13/15 The Vineyard of God-The Personnel
12/06/15 Stepping Into the Father’s Will
11/29/15 Peace
11/22/15 I Will Come To You
11/15/15 If You Love Me
11/08/15 The Works of God
11/01/15 Do You Believe?(Characteristics of God Alone scriptures)
10/25/15 Questions That Must Be Answered
10/18/15 I Will Come Again
10/11/15 I Am
10/04/15 I Go to Prepare a Place for You
09/27/15 The Ebb and Flow of Good Intensions
09/20/15 A Desire to be Realized
09/06/15 Dr. Sam Thomas Sermon
08/30/15 The Destiny to Be Desired
08/23/15 What Is This All About
08/16/15 The Betrayal of Christ
08/09/15 The Ways of God
08/02/15 Appliction of Service
07/26/15 Action of Serving
07/19/15 Are You Important Enough to Be a Servant?
07/12/15 Prepare for the Beginning
07/05/15 2 for 1
06/28/15 Mission of Jesus Christ
06/21/15 Mysteries of Sovereign God
06/14/15 Who Is This Son of Man
06/07/15 Now Is The Judgement Of This World
05/31/15 The Voice From Heaven
05/24/15 Laying Down Life
05/17/15 Sir We Wish To See Jesus
05/10/15 When The Creation Calls The Shots
05/03/15 On Account of Him
04/26/15 What Is The Focus of The Christian Life
04/19/15 The Cost of Following Jesus – The Path of Persecution
04/12/15 Lazarus Come Out
04/05/15 The Most Important Week in History
03/29/15 Jesus Knows and Cares
03/22/15 The Antidote for Death
03/15/15 Now We See In a Mirror Dimly
03/08/15 Defeating Death, Hell and The Grave
03/01/15 The Works and The Words of Jesus
02/22/15 Why All the Hatred
02/15/15 Security II (Security Verses)
02/08/15 Security I
02/01/15 Who Is In Control
01/25/15 The Wonderful Plan of Salvation
01/18/15 Known By the Shepherd
01/11/15 Survival Kit 2015 (II)
01/04/15 Survival Kit 2015

2014 Podcasts

12/28/14 Be Careful Who You Follow
12/21/14 Two Great Questions
12/14/14 Hearing the Voice of God
12/07/14 I am the True Shepherd
11/30/14 Do You Believe III
11/23/14 Do You Believe II
11/16/14 Do You Believe
11/09/14 God Resists the Proud, Gives Grace to Humble
11/02/14 Confusion Or Resignation
10/26/14 God Is Good (Fruit)
10/19/14 Why Bad Things Happen to Good People 3
10/12/14 Why Bad Things Happen to Good People 2
10/05/14 Why Bad Things Happen to Good People 1
09/28/14 God’s Time or Man’s Time
09/21/14 Seeing That Which Isn’t
09/14/14 My Hope Is Built On…
09/07/14 Why Is the World Falling Apart
08/31/14 Abiding Part 3
08/24/14 Abiding Part 2
08/17/14 Abiding Part 1
08/10/14 Being Spiritually Blind
08/03/14 John 8:21
07/27/14 Is It True?
07/20/14 Jesus Christ the Light of the World
07/06/14 Making Sense Out of Chaos
06/29/14 Living Water
06/22/14 Hindrance to Believing
06/15/14 Grace, Mercy, Peace
06/08/14 When Jesus Speaks Confusion Ends
06/01/14 God Is Not the Author of Confusion
05/25/14 When We Follow Jesus
05/18/14 Living In The Controversy of Christ Jesus
05/04/14 The Bread of God
04/27/14 Grumbling
04/20/14 The Most Important Week In History
04/13/14 Kept and Secure
03/30/14 Only Jesus
03/23/14 The Love Effect
03/16/14 Danger of a Customized Religion
03/09/14 Seeking Jesus Is Not About Us
03/02/14 Why Do You Seek Jesus?
02/16/14 When Life Gets Scary
02/09/14 Crowds, Crises, and Crumbs
02/02/14 The Folly of Being Religious
01/26/14 The Mind of Christ
01/19/14 The Reality of the Resurrection
01//12/14 The Truth That Divides 3
01/05/14 The Truth That Divides 2